Performance Anxiety

  • Do you get anxious when you are performing in public?
  • Does your body start doing all sorts of weird things before you perform?
  • Do you start saying really negative things to yourself?
  • Have you practiced and practiced but when it comes to performing, you are so crippled with nerves that you can’t perform properly?
  • Is performance anxiety robbing you from the joy of expressing yourself freely?

Well you are not alone; I was also suffering of performance anxiety in the past. That’s why I know what you are feeling now. See my experience at the bottom of this page.

Performance Anxiety Treatment

Over the years I have trained and learnt highly effective techniques that helped me to overcome performance anxiety, such as the ability to mute the negative voice in my head and quickly change into a positive state. I am now performing and presenting joyfully and with freedom, it is so exhilarating!

I invite you to contact me for private coaching.

I create a safe, confidential empathic space where we gently explore your history, experiences, feelings, thoughts, and strategies and discover the barriers that are holding you back from your ability to perform optimally. Then once we get to the source of the barrier (which is usually a limiting belief), we then apply powerful techniques that will path the way to free and joyful expression. This will create a ripple affect enriching other areas of your life.

My Performance Anxiety Experience:

I used to be stunted by performance anxiety I remember performing in piano eisteddfods. As the eisteddfod commenced, I remember listening to the other pianists making the piano sing, in perfect timing. My heart then started to beat and flutter. I would say to myself, “Which key is my song in?” and “the judges look like so serious”, “Why am I here?” I felt so petrified, my mouth would run dry, and the amount of times I went to the bathroom…lost count!

When the judges announced my name, I walked on stage and felt as if everything was in slow motion, noticing every nuance and movement in my body. As I walked to the formidable grand piano, I felt like every sound and movement from the audience was judging me. As I pulled the chair out to sit down, I bent too far down and banged my head on the piano and yelled out “ouch!” Then everything went blank…I completely forgot my piece and didn’t know where to start. My hands were shaking relentlessly and I kept on starting and stopping over and over again. I felt the heat of embarrassment and pity from the audience and had no other option but to walk off stage, get my sheet music and continue playing.

I died a little death that day… it took years before I ever performed again. The cost of performance anxiety prevented me from pursuing a career in music.

I believe it is a human right to freely express art whether it is music, acting, speech, dancing or just sharing what’s in your heart. It is my mission to assist my clients to release their fears and courageously be able share their art, music, and story to the best of their ability.



Music Performance Anxiety Treatment

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